About Us

We take this profession as a true passion

We are a group of specialized Foreign Trade professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the Argentine market.

Three generations (grandfather, father and sons) working day after day in order to improve the quality of our services. We are truly passionate about this profession. Customer Service, Services and Experience are what make us stand out among the most recognized Customs and Foreign Trade Offices in Buenos Aires.

A changing world in its economy, as well as technological and fast-paced IT development have made us develop a new concept of International Trade Services where the timely and appropriate information can define today’s businesses.

We are exclusive agent for ARGENTINA, NNR Global Logistics Group, with more than 100 offices worldwide.

Our Team

Meet our staff of professionals

Business Manager
Alejandro Louzao


Operations Manager
Sebastián Louzao


General Management
Paula Capria


Alejandra Velazquez


Yesica Rivas


Ocean Freight Forwarding
Carolina Schniepp


Air Freight Forwarding
Veronica Haurie


Comercial #2


Administration #1


Quality Department


What we do

We find solutions to your needs.

  • Imports | Exports
    • General advising regarding imports/exports in Argentina.
    • Enrollment and registers before Argentine customs.
    • Customs nomenclature. Fee Classification. Fees and Taxes.
    • Special Regimes. Temporary Imports. Mining Investments.
    • Operations in La Plata Free Trade Zone.
    • Non Customs Organizations Procedures. (SENASA / INAL / ANMAT / INAME / WILDLIFE / INDUSTRY / ECONOMY)
    • In Company Foreign Trade Audits.
    • Foreign Trade Statistics.
    • Main Argentine customs agents.
  • Business Representation | Trading
    • Business Representation in Argentina.
    • Purchasing agents. Product tracking.
    • Intervention in import / export operations.
    • Company start up. Registration and start up.
    • Triangular operations.
  • Transport, Logístics and Insurance
    • Local transportation service for imported freight.
    • Logistics coordination.
    • Storage.
    • Packaging, pallets and special packing.
    • Labeled, stamped and lettered freight.
    • General and refrigerated transportation. Oversized wagons.
    • Handling and labor force.
    • Armed guards.
    • Insurance for goods in transit. All risk coverage. Door to door service.
  • Customs Legal Regime
    • Legal advice, rights and obligations in International Trade.
    • Customs infractions and complaints.
    • Customs legal procedure. Repetitions. Impugnments.
    • Legal assistance in imports goods claims.
    • Fee Classification. Classification and duty opening requests.
  • Freight Forwarding
    • Air / maritime / land Freight.
    • Door to Door Service.
    • Consolidated Air Freight / Direct Flights / Charters / Express Services.
    • Consolidated maritime freight / Full container / Reefers.
    • Projects fees. Follow Up.
    • Shipment documents preparation.
    • Hazardous materials.
    • Refrigerated and oversized freight.
    • Worldwide agents.